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COVID Safety Audit Green Light

Third Party COVID Safety Review says district safe to allow in-person learning

Walla Walla Public Schools contracted with NV5/DADE MOELLER© to perform a comprehensive third party COVID Preparedness Review in preparation for on-site learning. The audit included a review of facility and personnel practices against the latest CDC and WaDOH guidance on re-opening schools, to ensure campuses, HVAC modifications and COVID protocols are compliant with the latest standards. Additionally, it incorporated a review of physical areas, employee work arrangements and administrative controls to ensure necessary protocols are in place to minimize exposure to pathogens for staff and students.

The audit included a two-phased review process. During the Phase 1 audit, certified staff from NV5 performed a comprehensive review of all district protocols against the latest WaDOH, CDC and L&I guidelines. Cleaning protocols, masking and other PPE standards, COVID response protocols, staff training and other practices were all reviewed. Their findings indicated that all of the district’s protocols met, and in many cases, exceeded safety guidelines.

During the Phase 2 audit, thorough on-site inspections of district facilities were performed. Stephen Bump, a Certified Industrial Hygienist and Health Professional from NV5, spent more than seven hours performing on-site inspections at each of the district’s elementary and preschool sites Jan. 11. He had the following to say in his written report to the school district.

"Our review indicates the Walla Walla School District has implemented the health agency guidance and has adequate controls and protocols in place to allow in-person learning in a safe and healthy environment,” as noted in Mr. Bump’s executive summary of the review. “We were impressed by the ownership of the principals and their staff. There were a number of innovative and creative approaches to the implementation of the protocols."

Superintendent Dr. Wade Smith says this comprehensive third party audit ensures the district has fully reviewed and implemented all safety protocols and procedures recommended from state health officials and industry experts.

“This serves as an additional layer of protection for all staff, students and parents and is part of our continued commitment to keep students and staff safe,” said Dr. Smith. “Safety has been, and will continue to be, our top priority, and the results from our third party safety audit spoke to all of our staff members’ hard work.”

Walla Walla Public Schools will contract with NV5/DADE MOELLER© in the coming weeks, in preparation for transitioning middle and then high school students back for AM/PM, to perform the same inspections at all remaining campuses.

PHOTO: Stephen Bump reviews Prospect Point Elementary safety plans. 

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