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Story Time with Whitman Students

Whitman College students develop YouTube “Story Time” channel to promote literacy

Story Time is a program developed by the Student Engagement Center at Whitman College with a goal of instilling a love of reading in school age children. Whitman College sophomore Claire Weissman is the program’s leader this year. She wanted to get involved to create connections between college students and elementary school-aged students. 

The “Story Time” channel is populated with videos of college students reading books. The program teams with another volunteer program called Bilingual United to provide readings in Spanish as well. 

“The hope is for this resource to provide children a way to connect with Whitman College,” said Weissman. “We want to continue supporting the students’ love of reading and to help fill the extra free time brought on by the pandemic.”

Weissman is a Computer Science major. She says reading is one of her favorite hobbies. 

“I love any chance I can get to escape into a world different from my own,” said Weissman. “Reading aloud or being read aloud to is an amazing way to create connections and a way for Whitman to reach out to Walla Walla.”

“Story Time” Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHJBqfAZxJ4L2bE2BXmjBnA/

Photo: Claire Weissman

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