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How to Video - i-Ready

How to Video Series: Carrie LaRoy of the Teaching and Learning Department share information and instruction about the upcoming i-Ready assessments.
Next week all K-8 students will be starting an assessment called i-Ready diagnostic.
• Math begins Sept. 21
• Reading begins Sept 28
• Links to the i-Ready Diagnostic Assessments are located on the school’s home landing page.
• Look for more information from your child’s teacher coming soon.

A diagnostic is not like a traditional test. It starts with questions at the student’s grade level and then will adapt based on their answers. This an assessment where they will get questions that are hard to answer because it is diagnosing their top level. Tips for taking the i-Ready:
• Encourage students to try their best, but if they have tried to work through a problem and can’t get it have them pick their best answer and move on.
• Students should take both the math and reading diagnostics in 15-20 minute periods, over a few days. Their test progress is automatically saved. (Use Scratch paper for math)
• Parents, it is extremely important you do not help your children on these tests as each student receives a lesson pathway based on their levels.
• These pathways are giving them the math and reading support they need. We do want these lessons to be at their appropriate levels.
• Students will get a “Diagnostic Complete” when they are all done.  Your student’s teacher will be monitoring progress each day to make sure students aren’t rushing and to make sure they have completed the diagnostic over the week.
• If you have a student in K-2 dual language, their math diagnostic will be in Spanish. We understand this may not be in their home language, but is the language of instruction. There will be some productive struggle and we just ask that they try their best.  They will not take a reading one because currently it is only available in English.  

Please connect with your child’s classroom teachers for additional information. Contact Carrie LaRoy for additional questions about i-Ready – claroy@wwps.org  /  509.526.6786.

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