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Odd Fellows Glove & Sock Drive

Retired school teacher Shirley Ruble has dedicated her life to helping children thrive. These days her passion is helping her fellow Odd Fellows women residents collect gloves, socks and hats for local children in need through the Narcissa Rebekah Glove and Sock Drive. This week Shirley met with district intervention specialists to deliver 131 pairs of gloves, 382 pairs of socks and several hats.

Shirley Ruble has enjoyed living at the Washington Odd Fellows Home for the past eight years. Her favorite activity is belonging to Narcissa Rebekah Lodge No. 2. It is the women’s branch of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. They have supported local non-profit organizations since they were founded in 1885. This year members lended their support to nursing students at Walla Walla Community College, the Teen Center at Lincoln High School and Tabitha’s Closet.

“The partnership between the Narcissa Rebekah lodge and Walla Walla Public Schools is imperative to reaching out to students experiencing homelessness,” Shirley said. “Not only do we want to supply intervention specialists in each school with the students’ basic needs, we want to ensure students have a positive attitude and desire to finish their classes, confidence and open minds. We want them to see their potential as we do: Prepared to meet the challenges of the world with work and happy lives right here in the Valley.”

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