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Volunteers of the Year

In celebration of Volunteer Appreciation Month, Superintendent Wade Smith is proud to announce Tina Dumser, Sarah Allen, Maddy Gold, Cami Eastep, Erica Munsey and Cheri Ruzicka as the district’s 2018-2019 Art Regier Volunteers of the Year.

The Award
The Art Regier Outstanding Volunteer Award was instituted in 1991 as a memorial to “Grandpa Art” Regier. Regier, a retiree who devoted years of service to elementary schools in Walla Walla and epitomized the spirit of volunteerism in education. His tireless dedication and concern for the students he served are the inspiration for this award.
Criteria for selection may include the following:
1. Exceptional service or contributions to the children of Walla Walla Public Schools
2. Unusual dedication
3. Demonstration of care, compassion and empathy

2019 Recipients

Maddy Gold – Whitman Teaches the Movement, Latino Club
Nominators: Ben VanDonge, Elizabeth George and Melito Ramirez
• Whitman College senior Maddy Gold has spent all four years as a college student volunteering for Walla Walla Public Schools in various capacities
• She has been part of the mentor program, coordinated with the Wa-Hi Latino Club and has been deeply involved with the Whitman Teaches the Movement program
• Maddy teamed with the Walla Walla Public Library to host an Art Exhibit of student work to showcase the talents of district students
• She played an important role in working with Wa-Hi students Latino Club Leadership and Membership program

Nominator Melito Ramirez said: “In all my years of experience, some individuals stand out for their great qualities and Maddy is one of those people. She is well known for her work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork and leadership.”

Tina Dumser – Prospect Point Elementary
Nominators – Suzann Rose, Kami Kuhlmann and Kate Van Cleve
• Tina has been part of the Prospect Point Community for the past 5 and half years and Co-PTA President for three years
• She is extremely organized and efficient and is willing to take on any task that comes her way
• She has assisted with the school garden project, Box Tops for Education, Field Day, Book Fairs and the One School, One Book program
• Tina helps organize meals for teachers during conferences and helps coordinate the Friday Food Bag program for families in need
• When she learned of a substitute teacher shortage, she became certified as an emergency subsititute

Nominator Suzann Rose said: “For years, Tina has been a passionate, persistent, and indispensable presence at Prospect Point Elementary School. She really has done all the things. Her availability and commitment to the families and students of Prospect Point and the grace with which she has served are not just a notable model, but are to be commended.”

Sarah Allen – Green Park Elementary
Nominator – Maggie Miranda and Lucy Gregoire
• Sarah has been a volunteer at Green Park Elementary in multiple roles including a member of the PTA
• She helps out in the classroom, supports building level projects and chaperones field trips
• As the School Garden Education Manager, she provides lessons for the Garden Program
• Sarah picks up and delivers food to families in need as part of the Bite 2 Go program
• Sarah loves to read with students in small groups and provides one-to-one mentoring for students who need additional support

Nominator Maggie Miranda said: “Sarah is a gem. We are so very appreciative for all she does for our school and community. ”

Cami Eastep – Sharptein Elementary
Nominator: Sofia Parsons and Maria Garcia
• Cami Eastep has been a dedicated volunteer at Sharpstein Elementary for four years
• She volunteers in the classroom, helps support the Garden, Spanish and Miles Clubs
• Cami also helps organize the school’s Cinco de Mayo annual celebration and the Carnival Block Party
• She has even taken Spanish classes at WWCC to support the school’s Spanish Club
• Cami is known for her big smile, positive attitude and genuine care for people

Nominator Maria Garcia said: “Cami can be counted on to show up, work hard, stay until the work is done, and does so with a cheer and connection with kids that is heartwarming.”

Erica Munsey – Pioneer Middle School
Nominators: Erica Salgado and Kris Duncan
• Erica has dedicated her time one day week for the past two years to run the Pioneer Student Store
• Students are able to exchange incentive cards for treats and school supplies in the school store
• Erica spends her time making hundreds of bags of popcorn and is always encouraging students
• She trains and mentors students and is continually congratulating students on their achievements
• Erica also includes special needs students in the school store. Students clamor for the opportunity to help Erica and she always treats them with dignity and gratitude for their help

Nominator Kris Duncan said: “Erica goes out of her way to make Pioneer a happy, fun place, and believes that each child is worthy of celebration, recognition and time. We are so grateful to her.”

Cheri Ruzicka – Blue Ridge Elementary
Nominators: Amber Ferraro
• Cheri comes twice a week to work with kindergarten students at Blue Ridge Elementary students in Amber Ferraro’s classroom
• She implements activities to support learning
• She plays games to help students boost their ability to recall letter names and sounds
• Cheri helps run small intervention groups to enhance reading skills
• She takes time to work with struggling readers by sitting with them individually and in small groups to support their learning

Nominator Amber Ferraro said: “Her positive interactions with students and never ending interest in how she can best help the students is inspiring. Cheri is a true example of what dedication, compassion, and empathy for all children looks like.”


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