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Middle School Seal of Biliteracy

This school year 22 students from Garrison and Pioneer Middle Schools earned four high school credits by obtaining the Seal of Biliteracy. The distinctive Seal of Biliteracy award recognizes students who have studied and attained proficiency in two or more languages by high school graduation. These students will have the Biliteracy Seal displayed on their high school diplomas upon graduation.

This year the Bilingual Department decided to begin the Seal of Biliteracy recognition at the 8th-grade level to help motivate students to continue taking advanced level classes in high school so they can begin earning college credits.

"We know several 8th graders are already showing the highest levels of proficiency in their second language so we decided to acknowledge this huge accomplishment at the end of their middle school journey," said Dr. Victor Vergara, Director of Bilingual Education Programs. “Walla Walla Public Schools embraces diversity and encourages its students to become biliterate.”

Pioneer Middle School recipients: Esmeralda Quezada, Rosa Ceja Lopez, Katye Perez, Bryan Osorio, Diego Martinez de Santiago, Mizraim Garcia, Consuelo Sarmiento, Roberto Rodriguez, Ana Pedroza Velazquez, Isabel Vergara Ramos, Genevieve Zanger. 

PHOTO - Garrison Middle School recipients: Tiffani Carrillo-Villegas, Olivia Isenhower, Rosalinda Villagomez, Edward Vu, Kiara Martinez, Amilia Gutierrez, Lauren Adams, Natalia Salazar, Jaqueline Ruiz, Brianna Ramirez, Yamileth Castillo De Leon 

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