Walla Walla Public Schools
Week in Review - October 28, 2005

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School board meeting Tuesday
Tuesday, Jan. 19
7:30 p.m.
District Office School Board Room
Meeting open to public
No School Monday - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Walla Walla Public Schools will be closed Monday, Jan. 18 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Classes resume Tuesday, Jan. 19.
Leadership Walla Walla participants study educational issues
Wednesday participants of Leadership Walla Walla spent the day learning more about educational issues. The 20 guests toured Lincoln Alternative High School, Walla Walla High School and the new Edison Elementary to learn more about district facilities and programs. Participants were then treated to lunch with Edison Elementary students in their new cafeteria. Leadership Walla Walla participants were also briefed on higher education and private school opportunities in Walla Walla. District Assistant Superintendent Dr. Linda Boggs served as the day leader for the program.
Walla Walla High School to reflect on work of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Today the Walla Walla High School Social Studies Department will be working with students during class to observe Temperance and Good Citizenship Day and reflect upon Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life, work and impact on people.

“This is a good opportunity for us to connect with our students and help them to understand the importance of Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as help to further develop good citizens,” said Michelle Higgins - Walla Walla High School Social Studies Department Chair.

Information will also be posted during the school’s announcements to raise awareness. There will not be an all-school assembly.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: In January 2004, the Washington State House of Representatives passed House Resolution 4676, recognizing the importance of the life and work of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to the civil society and freedoms of the United States of America and of the state of Washington. The House of Representatives calls on the people of the state of Washington to study, reflect on, and celebrate Dr. King’s life and ideals in order to fulfill his dream of civil and human rights for all people and urges all the citizens of our state to make Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a day of service — a day on, not a day off. There is no state law or specific regulation that requires school districts to observe this day in any particular way.

Staff brief Community Facilities Task Force on building conditions
Wednesday members of the Community Facilities Task Force, chaired by Dan Reid of Opp and Seibold Construction, met to continue its study as part of the process to update the district’s long-range facilities plan. The Community Facilities Task Force is comprised of community members, parents, a school board member, teachers, support staff and administrators.

District staff led a panel discussion to express how do facilities impact teaching & learning. Leslie Hanson-Anderson (Edison), Greg Reid (Garrison), Jack Mehn (Pioneer), Brandi McIntire (Lincoln), Jim Sporleder (Lincoln), Ron Ahrens (Wa-Hi), and Darcy Weisner (Wa-Hi) presented information and answered questions.

All panel members reported they believe quality facilities do have an impact on student achievement. Hanson-Anderson said the new Edison is wonderful and supports teaching and learning. Reid said Garrison is in good shape overall with minor needs, while Pioneer, Lincoln and Walla Walla High School reported vast facility improvement needs and over capacity issues. The Community Facilities Task Force meets again Wednesday, Jan. 27. Visit the district website at www.wwps.org to track the progress of the group.

Dan Reid (Chair), Opp and Seibold Construction
Jim Dumont, City of Walla Walla Parks and Recreation
Darcey Fugman-Small, Woodward Canyon Winery
Mary Koch, Retired Educator
Jim Peterson, Walla Walla Community College
Pat Johnston, WWPS - Chief Financial Officer
Karen Carman, Parent Representative
Craig Sievertsen, Parent Representative - Banner Bank
Melito Ramirez, WWPS Intervention Specialist
Gay Buissink, Teacher - Wa-Hi Business Education
Jim Sporleder, Principal - Lincoln High School
Kim Lyonnais, City of Walla Walla - Development Director
Allan Gillespie, Owner, Gillespie Roofing
Ruth Ladderud, Whitman College
Scott Krivoshein, Investment Broker, Raymond James
Dan Hess, Lawyer - School Board Member
Jerry Zahl, Walla Walla Farmers Co-Op

Lowell Schneider, Plant Facilities Director
Dan Johnson, Facilities Support Director
Dr. Rich Carter, Superintendent
Mark Higgins, Communications Director
John Evans, Architects West
Kay Schisler, Task Force Administrative Assistant

Rob Blethen, Publisher, Walla Walla Union Bulletin

School Board Recognition Month time to honor school board - By Rich Carter, WWPS Superintendent
January is School Board Recognition Month and a time to thank our five volunteer school board members: Max Carrera, Dan Hess, Anne Golden, Dr. Jim Lehmann and Cindy Meyer. We are so fortunate in Walla Walla to have five caring and committed community members serve on our school board and represent our public school system. Walla Walla voters can rest assured they made excellent choices for the school board when they cast their ballots.

Although our school board members have vast personal and professional backgrounds and diverse opinions, they have a common purpose for service. They are all deeply committed to a quality school system and have a genuine love for children.

Max Carrera has a young family and demanding professional position with the Washington Department of Corrections, yet he is generous with his time for the good of all Walla Walla children. Dan Hess has a successful law practice, but he has signed up for a second go around on the school board because he wants all Walla Walla youth to have every opportunity to be successful. Anne Golden has dedicated much of her adult life to public service and volunteerism and as a leader of the National School Board Association to bring awareness to educational issues on a broader scale. Dr. Jim Lehmann is an online professor with adult children, but believes so strongly in public education and technology he makes himself available to serve. Cindy Meyer has been volunteering in schools since her daughters were in kindergarten and, though her youngest is in high school now, she still generously gives of her time because she cares about her community.

Our school board members set high standards for themselves and demand the same of their public schools. Thanks to their support of teaching and learning, Walla Walla School District 140 remains one of the state’s premiere school districts. Take time this month to thank our school board members for a job well done.

Walla Walla High School Varsity Sports Weekend Highlights

Boys’ Basketball vs. Richland
Friday, Jan. 15th
7:30 p.m.
Wa-Hi Gym

Girls’ Basketball vs. Richland
Friday, Jan. 15th
7:30 p.m.
Location: Richland HS

Boys’ Basketball vs. Chiawana
Saturday, Jan. 16th
7:30 p.m.
Location: Chiawana HS

Girls’ Basketball vs. Chiawana
Saturday, Jan. 16th
5:45 p.m.
Location: Chiawana HS

Boys’ Basketball vs. West Valley
Monday, Jan. 18th
5:00 p.m.
Location: Sun Dome

Girls’ Basketball vs. West Valley
Monday, Jan. 18th
3:30 p.m.
Location: Sun Dome

Upcoming Edison Family Fun Night features a Dance Party led by Laura Scheuller
Edison Elementary held it’s first of three Family Fun Nights on Tuesday, Jan. 12, attended by over 200 people. Local businesses discounted and donated food to help cover the cost of the free dinner: Sweet Basil Pizzeria, Big Cheese Pizza, mixed greens from Graze Catering, ginger cookies from John’s Wheatland Bakery & apple cider and bananas from Andy’s Market.

This week was a theme of board & table games. The PTA is trying to create events to bring families together to socialize and get to know each other while having a fun activity. Many volunteers have helped to make the event a success including but not limited to Jennifer Northam, Lynette Fogg, Bill Musick, Lucia Mumm, Karen Jorgenson & Nancy Withycombe.

The second Family Fun Night will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 26 and has a theme of a Dance Party, led by Laura Scheuller. She’ll be leading the Chicken Dance, the Hokey Pokey, the Macarana and the Limbo, just to name a few.

The third and final Family Fun Night is Feb. 9 with a theme of Reading and Storytelling. Many local authors and talented actors will be reading from some of your favorite books as well as some you may not have heard before and others will be telling stories. Loren Dickinsin, former professor of Oral Interpretation at Walla Walla University will be presenting. Also, Michael Wenberg will be reading the book he authored, Elizabeth’s Song. There will be books read & stories told in Spanish, as well as English. Watch for more details as the event gets closer.

The event is free and all families of Edison students are welcome to attend.

Wa-Hi Conspiracy of Hope Benefit Concert This Month
Walla Walla High School presents the annual Conspiracy of Hope benefit concert, Tuesday, January 26 and Wednesday January 27 at the Walla Walla High School Auditorium. Both Performances begin at 7:30 p.m. with a $5 donation to be collected at the door.

Conspiracy of Hope is a student production benefiting both the Dave Meyer Foundation and Love 146. The Dave Meyer Foundation was created to help athletes of low-income families with expenses associated with sports participation such as equipment and camp fees. Love 146 is a child sex trafficking protection and research foundation in which children are helped through prevention across the world. For more information about this event, contact Wa-Hi Social Studies and Leadership Teacher Jillian DeBritz at 526-8659.

Conspiracy of Hope Fact Sheet
- Event highlights: Student produced benefit concert highlighting the multi-talented student body
- Concert dates: Tuesday, January 26 and Wednesday, January 27
- Location: Wa-Hi Auditorium
- Time: 7:30 p.m.
- Cost: $5 donation

Walla Walla High School yearbook purchase deadline January 22
The deadline to purchase a 2009-2010 Walla Walla High School yearbook is Friday, Jan. 22. There are no spring sales this year. Lately, the Yearbook staff has been working hard to advertise the purchase of this year’s 2010 Royal Blue Yearbook in every way possible.

“We have heard people say this is just another tactic to scare students into buying books,” said Kathi DeBroeck who oversees the yearbook production. “This isn’t true, there will be no spring sales.”

DeBroeck says sale numbers are below last year’s levels at this time and encourages students and parents to purchase their yearbooks by the January 22 deadline.

District students take action to support endangered snow leopards - By Parent Cheryl Heller
Last Fall, with support from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, the Snow Leopard Trust, in collaboration with Facing the Future, launched a new curriculum entitled - Engaging Students in Conservation: Protecting the Endangered Snow Leopard. This interdisciplinary curriculum has five dynamic lessons geared for 5th – 8th grade. The lessons culminate in a service learning project that can be implemented as a fundraising activity for your school or for a community conservation project.

This winter, two schools piloted the service learning project. At the Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy in Louisiana, Teacher Susan Bower’s 7th grade science class spent a few weeks learning about snow leopards and the conservation issues facing this endangered species.

They then organized a fundraiser that would raise money not only for their school and for snow leopard conservation, but would also raise awareness by telling others about what they learned. In just a week, they collected over $222 by taking orders for holiday ornaments and felted cat toy mice. $111 went to the Snow Leopard Trust and the rest will be used for a school project. This is a fabulous and sustainable alternative to selling wrapping paper or chocolate bars.

The Sharpstein Elementary School in Walla Walla, Washington chose to have a month long Information and Sales Booth at their school. They shared information about what they had learned about snow leopards and endangered species, they sold during teacher-parent conference weeks and over the holidays. Together, the students in Teacher Mary Cortinas’ class raised over $5,100 from selling the products!

Because they purchased the products at discounted wholesale prices from the Trust, $2,760 came back to the Snow Leopard Trust and the additional $2,400 was kept by the school for a project of their own choice. In fact, the fundraiser was so popular, the Ms. Cortinas chose to keep any product that didn’t sell to try and sell later in the year as she was confident they wouldn’t have a problem getting it out the door. It’s a win-win for the school and for snow leopards! Find out how your school can do the same. Download our free curriculum at www.snowleopard.org.

Kayla Tarr, a 7th grader from Patrick F. Taylor Science & Tech. Academy wrote, “For the past few weeks, Ms. Bower’s seventh grade science class has been studying the snow leopard. We have learned about the habitat, diet, adaptations, and threats of this animal that is a keystone species of its environment. Through different lessons, including an interactive one in which everyone played a different species of a snow leopard’s ecosystem, the class learned about keystone species and how they affect their environment.

In addition, a mock town meeting was held where each group role played organizations, businesses, and others who are affected by the snow leopard in some way. At the end of the meeting, we voted on a solution that would benefit both the people living in the area and the snow leopard. To end the project, the class sold ornaments and cat toys for a fundraiser. Made by the crafts people who live in the mountains alongside the snow leopards, the money raised by sale of the ornaments and toys is split between the school and the Snow Leopard Conservation Organization. Further, this money goes to both the conservation and protection of the snow leopard and the people who live near them. …the class was able to make $280 dollars and sell 87 items total, thanks to the help of the parents, students, teachers, and others who contributed to the fundraiser.

Walla Walla High School students organize Haiti relief effort
Jake Morgen, of Walla Walla High School’s ASB Leadership class is helping organize a fundraising campaign to provide support for the earthquake striken country of Haiti in the Caribbean.

“My goal is to give Wa-Hi students and staff a practical way to help people in desperate need, and to act selflessly by giving what they can,” Morgen said.

Envelopes have been distributed to Walla Walla High School teachers to be used as a collection point for staff and students. All donations will be sent directly to Unicef, an organization that will send 100 percent of money raised to be used for relief in Haiti.

“Even nickels and pennies add up,” Morgen said. “ I appreciate all of your support in making the world a better place.”

Collections will continue through Friday, Jan. 22. Money will also be collected during lunches.

Retired employees association offers scholarships to graduates
Scholarships” Two $1,000 scholarships are available

1. Graduate of a high school in Walla Walla County or Columbia County
2. Student teach between September 2010 and June 2011.

Deadline: Applications are due April 1, 2010

Contact person: Mardel Bierwagen at 525 6117 or gbierwagen6117@charter.net

Volunteers needed to serve on Senior Project evaluation panels by Associate Principal Mira Gobel
The class of 2010 is preparing to present their Culminating Project (Senior Presentation) and I invite you to be a member of the evaluation panel. The senior students are creating PowerPoint presentations, professional binders, video productions, visual aids, and/or combinations of various modes of presentation.

Students will tell their inspirational stories by sharing their accomplishments in music, visual arts, academics, athletics, community involvements and/or challenges they had to overcome. We believe that this event is a celebration of our collective efforts and will provide each senior an opportunity to reflect on their past, present, and future.

The presentations dates are February 22 & 23, and March 22 & 23, from 3:30 - 7:30 each day. Some of you have volunteered in the past and found this event to be an amazing experience. If you are interested in being a panel member, please contact, Mira Gobel at mkgobel@wwps.org to receive further information.

Walla Walla County Health Department to offer H1N1 vaccinations at district schools
All students who wish to receive a free H1N1 vaccination at district schools must have a completed Walla Walla County Health Department parent consent form. These vaccinations are strictly voluntary. There will be activated nasal and inactive injections available based on individual needs. Parent consent forms and vaccine information statements (VIS) are being sent home in English and Spanish before the scheduled school clinic dates (see schedule below). Vaccination forms and information on the vaccine are also available on the district website -- Health Services page at: http://www.wwps.org/support/healthservices/default.htm.

The Walla Walla County Health Department will also vaccinate staff for free during the school clinics for those who wish to receive them. Staff will also need completed consent and VIS forms. All former restrictions for receiving the H1N1 vaccinations have been lifted due to additional availability of the vaccine. For more information, contact Health Services Director Jennifer Douglas at 526.8507.

School Vaccination Schedule (remaining dates)

Sharpstein Elementary
January 20

Prospect Point Elementary
January 21

Edison Elementary
January 22

Pioneer Middle School
January 25

Garrison Middle School
January 28

Lincoln Alternative High School
TBD (per Lincoln Health Center Schedule)

Walla Walla High School
January 29

Classroom Close-Up features Walla Walla High School Agriculture teacher
This week Walla Walla High School Agriculture teacher Arch McHie is featured as part of the district’s Classroom Close-Up series. A fun, information filled newsletter will be posted on the district website next week — (www.wwps.org).

A public service announcement radio spot featuring McHie is now playing on regional stations.