Walla Walla Public Schools
Week in Review - September 11, 2009

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School board meeting and Lincoln Health Center Tour - Tuesday, Sept. 15

Lincoln Health Center Tour: 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. (The school board will tour the Lincoln Health Center, 534 S. Third Ave., prior to the regular board meeting. This tour is open to the public, however, an official open house is being planned for later this fall)

School Board Meeting Time: 7:30 p.m.

Location: District Board Room (364 S. Park St.)

School board meeting and Lincoln Health Center tour open to public

Pioneer mom and nurse aids injured Pioneer student
Wednesday a Pioneer Middle School student was hit by a car at the corner of Ruth and McCabe Streets while he was riding his bicycle home from school. The driver was not cited by local police.

The student received initial first-aid care from Kathryn Southwick-Hess, a long-time Walla Walla resident, nurse and mother of school-aged children, including a student at Pioneer. The student has been treated for his injuries and is recovering at home.

“It was fortunate Mrs. Hess was on the scene and available to help,” Pioneer Principal Dana Jones said. “She has always been a willing volunteer and great friend to children in Walla Walla, but in this instance especially, her quick action and skill were truly a blessing.”

In light of the accident, Pioneer Principal Dana Jones sent home a reminder to parents asking them to reinforce bicycle and walking safety for students, including wearing helmets, crossing at crosswalks, using sidewalks, and looking both ways before crossing. Parents were also asked to park well back from crosswalks and corners so that students are easily visible to on-coming traffic.

“Our parents and students have responded very well to our request to help keep students safe on their way to and from school,” says Jones.

Walla Walla Public Schools H1N1 Fact Sheet

All students and staff are being trained on the following:
- Sneeze or cough into elbow
- Wash hands often with soap and water
- Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth
- Stay home if sick.

Walla Walla Public Schools is taking the following proactive steps to control infection with a focus on H1N1:
- Hand sanitizers are being placed in all classrooms, cafeterias and gyms
- Virex disinfectant is being used daily in classrooms and schools
- School bus hand rails and seats are being cleaned daily
- Daily custodial cleaning and disinfectant practices remain in effect

- Stay home when sick (for 24 hours after fever has ceased without the use of fever reducing medications)
- Consult with your doctor regarding illness
- Students and staff who appear to have flu-like illness will be sent to a separate room until they can be sent home
- Pregnant women, health compromised students and staff should stay in contact with their primary care provider

Similar to the symptoms of regular human seasonal influenza and include:
- Sudden fever greater than 100°
- cough
- sore throat
- headache
- body aches
- chills
- fatigue
Source: http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/schools/schoolguidance.htm

- Teachers and students will work together regarding homework and missing assignments
- Principals will work with students on a case-by-case basis to address long-term excused absence
- Standard practice is for district teachers to have substitute plans ready should they become ill and unable to teach

- Walla Walla Public Schools will take direction from the Walla Walla County Health Department to inform staff, students and parents about safe, effective forms of vaccination.

Health Services Director Jennifer Douglas BSN, RN
(509) 526-8507

Wa-Hi Cheerleaders to honor local heroes tonight
In honor of 9/11 and Patriot Day, Walla Walla High School Cheerleaders will recognize the heroes in our community during tonight’s varsity football game at Borleske Stadium.

“We would like to recognize firefighters, police officers, members or veterans of the military, medical personnel, and all of our other hometown heroes,” Cheer Coach Julianne Anderson said. “We appreciate everything you do and hope to see you at the game!”

Football game details:
- Wa-Hi vs. Eisenhower
- Friday, Sept. 11
- 7:30 p.m.
- Borleske Stadium
- Adult tickets $5

For additional information, contact Julianne Anderson, WWHS Cheer Coach at JEAnderson@wwps.org

Edison Dedication Program Thursday, Sept. 24
Join us in celebrating the dedication of this beautiful new school.

- Date: Thursday, September 24, 2009
- Time: 6:00 p.m. (social) / 6:30 to 8 p.m. (program and tours)
- Location: Edison Elementary
- Information: (509) 527-3072

Pioneer STARS camp next week
Pioneer Middle School sixth graders will be attending STARS Camp next week at Camp Kiwanis. The students will spend the school day getting to know each other, learning about school climate, outdoor education, and generally building community.

In addition, this year, along with several parent volunteers, the Pioneer PALS (7th & 8th grade mentors), will attend STARS Camp with the 6th grade advisories to support their PALS and continue to develop mentor relationships. Pioneer Counselors Judy Anderson and David Tegtmeier say that this experience goes a long way to enhancing the 6th graders middle school experience.