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Charge for the Community Facilities Task Force Committee (FTFC)

1.     Overview: Walla Walla Public Schools, under the direction of the Superintendent, requests the Walla Walla Schools Community Facility Task Force, comprised of a broad representation of 18 community members/parents/stakeholders, two school board representatives (non-voting), one principal (non-voting), a representative from WWVEA, a representative from PSE, the Superintendent (non-voting), and necessary administrative and/or support staff (non-voting), to continue their work in order to deliver the outcomes specified below.

2.     Type of Committee: Administrative, reporting to the Superintendent; with periodic reports to the Board of Education (BOE).

3.     Charge: Walla Walla Public Schools requests the FTFC to convene regularly to complete the work necessary to undergo the technical review and analysis in order to deliver long term capital planning direction for administration and Board of Education consideration. The committee is tasked to deliver a final report and recommendation to the Walla Walla Public Schools no later than December 15, 2017. The recommendation will consist of varying capital programming options for district, parent, and community stakeholder review and input to help inform a possible future bond levy.

Over the course of the term, the facilities committee will:

  • Approve and implement a timeline of activities and accomplishments necessary to support a comprehensive final report and recommendation by December 15, 2017
  • Report regularly their progress to the District and BOE (November, February, April, and June Board Meetings) through the committee chairman or others as necessary
  • Recommend to District leadership appropriate evaluations and studies necessary to inform their work
  • Request additional data or support deemed necessary to inform the committees’ recommendation

The Walla Walla Public School’s charges the committee to use the following criteria in developing its recommendation. The committee’s recommendation:


  • prioritize facility needs, addressing the most urgent capital needs first
  • address teaching and learning needs before other programming
  • address current and projected student population and program needs
  • make every attempt to bring student and staff learning/teaching environments up to current standards
  • provide long-term facility program planning considerations (e.g. 25 year facility plan)
  • consist of pragmatic solutions that help ensure longevity, durability, and lower long-term maintenance and upkeep costs
  • include deliberate opportunities for stakeholder input from certificated and support staff, parents, and community/stakeholders
  • capitalize on current infrastructure and historical community investment
  • consider student, staff, and community safety considerations

When feasible,

  • consider and incorporate alternatives to capital construction
  • partner with local organizations to capitalize on cooperative spaces/needs
  • capitalize on outside funding streams/opportunities in order to decrease local and/or district costs
  • include recommendations from outside technical experts
  • provide lower cost alternatives that do no compromise on core facility and learning tenets
  • incorporate energy efficiencies and other sustainable practices to reduce long-term operational costs

4.     Authority: The committee will have no independent authority to obligate district funds or issue directions to the district’s administration. The committee’s recommendation will be considered by the District for further community and stakeholder review and input.

5.     Staff Cooperation: The committee will work directly with the Superintendent and other professional staff who will ensure necessary resources, consultants, and personnel are made available to the committee.

6.     Duration of Charge: The committee’s work will sunset if/when the Board of Education recommends a capital program levy to the voters for consideration.

7.     Committee Appointments: Appointments are made cooperatively by the Superintendent and BOE. Should a member resign, or a replacement become necessary, the new representatives shall be appointed by the Superintendent and BOE.

Community Facilities Task Force Charge

Task Force Planning Process

Past Community Facilities Task Force Reports and Studies

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