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6925 (P) - Architect and Engineering Services



Selection of Architects or Engineers

When architectural and/or engineering services are required by the district, the following procedures shall be in effect:

A.  Announcement for professional services will be sent to professional and community publications as well as to publications specifically oriented toward minority and women owned firms. The announcement shall typically specify:

      1.   The general nature and scope of the project(s);

      2.   The district representative to contact for further details;

      3.   The requirements required to comply with the submission; and

      4.   The deadline for submission.

B.  Each interested architect and/or engineer shall comply with the submission requirements outlined in the announcement/proposal.

C.  Applicants shall be screened by selected staff to identify firms to be interviewed.

D.  The superintendent shall recommend one or two firms to the board for its consideration. The superintendent or his/her designee shall enter into negotiations with the finalized firm in an effort to complete mutually-agreeable contract specifications.

Revised: July 2018

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