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6881 - Disposal of Surplus Equipment and/or Materials


The procedures for the sale of obsolete and/or surplus equipment, supplies, furniture and other district personal property are as follows:

A.    The principal or department supervisor will supply a written rationale which supports the obsolescence of the item;

B.    All other departments and/or buildings will have the opportunity to view the item during a one-week period;

C.    If the item is not claimed during the one-week period, a value will be placed on the item by three staff members who are familiar with items of a similar nature. The value of textbooks will be established as follows:

New Books Purchased During Current Term


Full Cost

2 years old


3 years old


4 years old


Over 4 years old


D.    Interested public and private schools, who requested information, will be advised in writing of a two-day period in which they will have an opportunity to view and/or purchase the obsolete and/or surplus item;

E.     The remaining items will be available for purchase by the general public;

F.     The district will publicize this sale, which will be open to the general public. Items will be sold in a public sale or online; and

G.    The board will specify the nature and conduct of any sale of property which exceeds the limits specified in policy 6882, Sale of Real Property.

Issued: February 2018

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