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6608 (P) - Video Cameras on School Buses



Placement of Cameras:

  1. Cameras are authorized for use in buses by the director of transportation.
  2. Digital cameras are installed in all buses; cameras are recording at all times buses are in operation.
  3. All buses will have signs notifying riders that video cameras are in use.

Use of the Video/Audio Recording:

  1. If video is needed to support a disciplinary action or concern of any type, the transportation department mechanic or supervisor will remove the camera hard drive and retain it in a secure location.
  2. If the driver wishes to view the video, a time will be set for this purpose.
  3. The transportation director may view the recorded video with or without the driver.
  4. If a serious or flagrant violation of student bus rules is observed or if there is a continued violation, despite intervention, standard disciplinary action may be taken. Lesser violations will be brought to the attention of the student and proper conduct explained.
  5. Any time a recorded video is to be used to support a disciplinary action, the downloaded video/audio will be dated, labeled and kept on file at the transportation department office for as long as deemed necessary.
  6. Video/audio not used to support disciplinary action will remain on buses.
  7. When a video/audio is used to support disciplinary action, the student or the student’s parent/guardian/custodian may request to view the video. A viewing will be arranged at the student’s school or the transportation department office.
  8. A building principal or designee may request viewing of video through the transportation director.
  9. The director of transportation may use video to assist drivers with student behavior management skills.
  10. Should viewing the video reveal a situation that would require law enforcement response, the transportation director or the school principal may refer the video to the proper authority for viewing and action.
  11. Should the video contain evidence of serious violation of district policy or practice by the driver, the transportation director may take appropriate action based on the evidence in the video.
  12. The transportation director may view video for observation and evaluation purposes. The video will not be used as an exclusive evaluation.

Issued: September 2003

Revised: November 2015

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