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6540 (P) - School District's Responsibility for Privately-owned Property

The following procedures will govern the processing of requests for reimbursements for loss and damage to personal property of certificated employees of the Walla Walla Public Schools.

  1. An individual's insurance must provide the primary coverage for all claims.
  2. Coverage is limited to times when automobile or property is on school premises or is in use relative to a school activity or event.
  3. It is the responsibility of the staff member to make reasonable efforts to secure his/her personal property from damage/theft; failure to do so may result in denial of a claim.
  4. Claims for property that is covered by a home owner policy are limited to the lesser of $500 or the maximum deductible of the individual's insurance coverage.
  5. Claims for loss of cash or incidental personal items not covered by home owner policies shall be limited to $300.
  6. Coverage for damage to an individual's automobile shall be limited to the lesser of $500 or the maximum deductible of the individual's automobile insurance coverage.
  7. Claims for reimbursement for personal property losses shall be filed on the approved district form which shall be available in each principal's office and at the district business office. Claims must be signed by the principal and forwarded to the district business office.

Issued: September 2003

Revised/Reissued: May 2010

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