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6300 (P) - Recognition



Staff Achievement Grant

I.       Purpose: The Walla Walla School District peer nominated, peer selected Staff Achievement Grant program is designed to recognize individual staff members who exemplify standards of excellence.

II       Eligibility: Each year, up to five staff members (certificated and classified) shall be recognized as a part of the grant program. Criteria for selection may include one or more of the following: exemplary leadership, innovation, outstanding performance, exceptional service or contributions to the Walla Walla School District, excellence in instruction, unusual dedication. An employee may be awarded only one achievement grant.

III.    Nominations: Candidates may personally make application or be nominated by their colleagues. Letters of support may be submitted by supervisors, students, and parents. Each nomination form shall be submitted with no more than three letters of support. These should be type-written and limited to a single page each, with only one signature per letter of support. The nomination forms shall be submitted to the Communications Office in the administration building.

IV.    Selection: A committee of former recipients will evaluate nominations and letters of support and make the grant award selections. Committee members each read all the nominations and rate them on a numerical scale. The results are entered into a database and tallied. Those five nominations which have received the highest scores are selected as Staff Achievement Grant Award Winners. All nomination applications will be considered for two school years. Nomination packets submitted the prior year that did not receive grants, will be considered for the current school year.

V.     Recognition: All grants will be awarded during an all-staff meeting. This grant shall include up to five days of professional leave and up to $1,500 for use in an approved growth activity of the recipient’s choice. The recipient may choose an approved growth activity such as attending a national conference, attending a special workshop or seminar, visitation to a specific program or activity. NOTE: Grants are awarded in June and must be used before the end of the following school year.

Art Regier Outstanding Volunteer Award

I.       Purpose: The Art Regier Outstanding Volunteer Award was instituted in 1991 as a memorial to “Grandpa Art” Regier. Regier, a retiree who devoted years of service to elementary schools in Walla Walla, epitomized the spirit of volunteerism in education. His tireless dedication and concern for the students he served are the inspiration for this award.

II.      Eligibility: Individuals who represent the spirit of volunteerism that “Grandpa Art” modeled.

III.    Nominations: Using the appropriate nomination form, nominations from staff members will be accepted in the Walla Walla Public Schools Communications Department, 364 S. Park Street, Walla Walla, WA 99362. Additional nomination forms are available at each school office and the Communications Office. Criteria may include the following: exceptional service or contributions to the children of Walla Walla Public Schools, unusual dedication, demonstration of care, compassion and empathy. Each nomination may be accompanied by no more than three letters of recommendation.

IV.    Recognition: April is Volunteer Appreciation Month and during the April school board meeting, recipients of the Art Regier Outstanding Volunteer Award will be honored with a plaque to display at their home or place of business, and their name will be permanently affixed to a memorial plaque in the school district office at 364 S. Park Street.

Graduates of Distinction

Program Leadership

•     Chair: Mark Higgins, Director of Communications and Community Relations

•     Administrative Assistant: Susie Golden, Executive Administrative Assistant for the Superintendent

•     Volunteer: Kay Schisler

Purpose of the Award

The purpose of the Walla Walla Public Schools Graduates of Distinction program is to provide an avenue for recognizing high school graduates of Walla Walla Public Schools who have distinguished themselves in their communities, professions, or careers; and to honor the Walla Walla Public Schools staff members who were the most inspirational in the lives of those individuals.

Who may nominate?

•     Anyone interested in Walla Walla Public Schools.

Eligibility for nomination

1.   Must have graduated from high school in the Walla Walla Public Schools at least 10 years prior to nomination.

2.   Need not be a current resident of Walla Walla.

3.   Need not be present to accept the award, but will make a concerted effort to be present or send a representative to accept the award.

How to nominate

•     Forms: Fillable PDF nomination and supporting letters forms are available online at: www.wwps.org (Graduates of Distinction page) or in hard copy at the District Office, 364 S. Park St. - Walla Walla, WA 99362

•     Mail or hand deliver the completed hard copy nomination form and three supporting letters by March 15 to:

Walla Walla Public Schools

Attn: Mark Higgins, Director of Communications

364 S. Park Street

Walla Walla, WA 99362

Nomination publicity

•     Local media

•     WWPS website and social media

•     WWPS print and electronic newsletters

•     Email and telephone messages to staff and parents

•     Alumni Associations (especially reaching out to Class Party organizers)

•     Service clubs and focus groups

•     Former recipients outreach (contact by mail and email each January encouraging them to nominate someone)

Selection Criteria

Recognition is intended to honor Walla Walla Public Schools graduates for outstanding achievement. Selection is based on service to humanity, exceptional career achievement and/or other accomplishments.

•     No Selection Committee member shall make a nomination.

•     Selection shall be made by the entire committee, and the process must remain confidential.

•     Nominations will be held for five years, and will automatically be included for consideration.

Selection Committee

1.   Selection Committee shall consist of 9 voting members:

•     One member will be a Board of Directors member

•     8 members will be make up general committee membership (recommendations from committee)

•     Director of Communications and Community Relations will serve as the Chairperson (non-voting)

2.   Selection Committee membership terms of service

•     Three year terms, with the option to renew for a second, three year term

•     Maximum length of service: six consecutive years

3.   Selection Committee Meeting Timeline

•     January:   Meet to begin the nomination process

•     April:       Meet to conduct the selection process

•     May:        Meet to review the selection process

•     June:        Recognition Ceremony, first board meeting of the month

Issued: February 2009

Revised: October 2016

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