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6250 (P) - Cellular Telephones



The purpose for the use of cellular phones by district administrators is to promote safety within the buildings and efficiency in the working environment.

Guidelines for use:

Cellular phone service is a costly method of communicating, and the district expects that an employee will use good judgment when electing to use a cellular phone rather than one of the less expensive alternatives.

District-owned cellular phones may not be used for personal calls. Phone bills will be monitored for abuse, checking such things as unusual off-hour/off-day use; roaming charges; frequent calls to home number, etc. If there is reasonable evidence that a phone is being used for personal calls, appropriate action will be taken. (Notifying family members of changes in travel plans and emergency situations is not considered personal use.)

District cellular phone numbers are not to be given to personal friends inasmuch as that number is charged for inbound calls as well as outbound, making the employee responsible for such calls.

Service by a repair agency other than a district authorized agency is prohibited. Such repair will void any warranty or maintenance contract the district has in force.

Where repair is necessitated by obvious abuse or caused by negligence, the district, at its option, may take appropriate action to recover repair costs from the employee.

This equipment will only be used by the employee for purposes related to his/her work with the school district. Lending the above named equipment to another district employee in no way releases the employee from liability.

This equipment must be returned upon request for any reason and must be returned prior to departure if the employee leaves employment of the district.

Issued: September 2003

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