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3114 (P) - Part-time, Home-based, or Off-campus Students



Alternative Learning Experience Program

Initiating Programs:

A.    Distribute information and district-developed supplementary application to interested parents/guardians upon request.

B.    Clarify the parent's/guardian’s responsibility in providing home-based instruction including instructional time, subject matter, testing, and student records.

C.    If a parent/guardian determines that supervision by a certificated teacher is necessary to satisfy qualifications to provide home-based instruction, inform the parent/guardian that they are expected to select and pay for such supervision. The district will, if requested, assist the parent/guardian in securing instructional materials, provided that the parent/guardian shall bear the cost of such materials.

D.    Advise the parent/guardian of their rights to enroll a student for part-time instruction and/or to receive ancillary services.

E.     If the parents/guardians wish to enroll the child in an Alternative Learning Experience Program, see Policy and Procedure 2255.

F.     Claim student as "enrolled" for purposes of state financial support.

Re-entering home schooled students

In order to provide the most successful learning placement for students who have been home schooled, the following procedures should be completed before a placement decision is made:

$11.     The receiving school counselor, learning specialist, classroom teacher, or psychologist should administer assessments in reading, math, and writing development.

The assessment data should be analyzed as per content area and the composite results.

The testing for the high school and middle school placement should occur in late April or early May to help facilitate scheduling.

2.     The counselor, learning specialist, psychologist, or principal shall conduct a conference with parent/guardian and student.

3.     All available former school records should be reviewed

4.     Using information from steps 1, 2, and 3, a placement decision is made and reviewed with parent/guardian and student.

If a student is entering high school, high school graduation credits will be granted or waived by the high principal or his/her designee based on curriculum covered in home instruction and student assessment data.

Transition preparation should be provided for the student as well as suggestions for how the parent/guardian can assist the child into public education (i.e. parent night, tour of the school, visiting classrooms, meeting teachers, viewing campus, meeting counselors).

Issued: September 2003

Reissued: January 2014

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