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3110 (P) - Qualifications of Attendance and Placement



Exemptions to Early Entrance Qualifications

As a minimum, eligibility for the exemption shall be based upon an analysis of the child's (1) physical, health and motor development; (2) social and emotional development; (3) approaches toward learning; (4) language, literacy and communication; and (5) cognition and general knowledge. Assessment devices shall be used that will permit students who are to be considered for exemption to be compared to the level of performance that would be expected of children with a chronological age of five years for kindergarten and six years for first grade in each of the areas of ability.

Students whose birthdays occur between September 1 and September 30 are eligible for early entrance screening, provided there is space available in kindergarten classrooms after the beginning of year elementary alignment meeting. Potential screening of students whose birthday is later than September 30 shall require review and approval by the superintendent/designee.

Application forms will be accepted from the district Open Enrollment/Kindergarten registration period, typically in April, through September 1. Early entrance screening will take place in early September, if there is space available in kindergarten classrooms.

In the event an exemption is denied, the parent/guardian shall be promptly notified of the reasons and of the opportunity to have the decisions reviewed in the manner provided by the district's policy on citizen complaints.

A fee may be assessed to cover the actual expenses of the preadmission screening process.

Transitional Kindergarten

Eligible students must meet both the age, residency, and non-conflicting program pre-requisite requirements, and one or more of the qualifying criteria to be served by the program:

Pre-requisite (must meet all):

  • Turn 4yrs-old by August 31 (cannot be 5yrs-old on August 31)
  • Reside within the Walla Walla Public School boundary (out of district students may be able to open enroll on a space-available basis)
  • Not otherwise identified for participation in the Head Start and/or ECEAP preschool programs

Qualifying Criteria (must meet at least one):

  • Lack access (financial, availability, or other) to a licensed pre-school opportunity (opportunity gap)
  • Qualify for Free/Reduced meals (income gap)
  • Qualify for bilingual education (language gap)
  • Exhibit lagging social and/or academic skills based on the WWPS administered screener (performance gap)


  • Does not otherwise qualify but wishes to participate on a space-available, tuition-based admittance

Admission of Students Aged Twenty-One or Older

The student shall petition the superintendent for admission.

The petition shall identify the student's name, age, address, and grade level or program of study.

If approved, the petition will specify the tuition fee to be paid, will be signed by the student and the superintendent and shall constitute the written agreement required by law. It shall be retained as a public document and made available to the state superintendent of public instruction upon request.

The tuition fee will be calculated in the same way the state superintendent of public instruction determines the cost of educating a student in the district, except that a handicapped student who turns twenty-one during the school year will only pay that amount of money deemed as “excess cost.”

Revised: March 2020

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