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2020 (P) - Form 3 - Guidelines for Use of Classroom Novels



I. Novels selected by teachers for study as part of the instructional program are considered supplemental materials. These novels must have instructional value, be related to the goals and objectives of the instructional program, be included in the lesson plan and be appropriate for the age and maturity level of the students being taught.

II. The teacher wishing to use a classroom novel must:
a. Pre-read the novel
b. If applicable, secure prior approval from the building administrator using Form 2020: Administrator Approval Request for Classroom Use of Video or Novel
c. If applicable, communicate with parents using Form 2020: Parent Permission Form

III. Grade Level and Novel Age-Ratings
The district has identified Common Sense Media (www.commonsensemedia.org) as a tool to help inform age-level appropriateness for novels, and when principal/parent notification is required. If proposed novels are not included in the Common Sense database, the Teaching and Learning Department will review and provide an age rating based on available 3rd party resources and internal review.
a. If the Common Sense age rating is at or below the proposed class level (see below), parent or administrator permission is not required.
b. If the Common Sense age rating is within 1 or 2 years above the class age level (see below), principal permission must first be sought. If approved, parents are to be notified using Form 2020: Parent Permission Form.
c. Age ratings in excess of 2 years are tentatively not appropriate for consideration. Appealing of Common Sense ratings can be made to the Teaching and Learning Department.

 Grade Common Sense Age Level 
KG At or below 5+
1 At or below 6+
2 At or below 7+
3 At or below 8+
4 At or below 9+
5 At or below 10+
6 At or below 11+
7 At or below 12+
8 At or below 13+
9 At or below 14+
10 At or below 15+
11 At or below 16+
12 At or below 17+

Revised: June 2021

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