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6895 - Pesticide Notification, Postings, and Record Keeping Requirements



It is the mission of the Walla Walla School District's maintenance and custodial staff to maintain and operate Walla Walla School District facilities in a safe, healthful condition and to preserve the District’s property and property investment. The District’s first line of defense is non- chemical and/or physical control. As part of this endeavor, the Walla Walla School District has adopted an IPM program which emphasizes the use of current comprehensive information which stresses using non-chemical control. We are environmentally aware and as such use the least amount of chemicals and only on an as-needed basis to effectively control the pests while being environmentally conscious.

It has been our District’s policy to insure that every staff, student, parent or concerned citizen is aware of our procedures for dealing with pesticide management.

Students, parents/guardians, and staff will receive information annually regarding the districts pest control program which shall include information on how to register for pre-notification of site specific pesticide applications.

Pre-notification shall be issued (48) forty-eight hours prior to pesticide application except in the case of an emergency treatment (such as bees or wasps on the playground). The pre-notification shall state:

    • Product name.
    • Date and time of application.
    • Where on-site the application will be made.
    • Pest to be controlled.
    • Department and phone number of person making the application.
    • Pre-notification will be posted on site’s office area door - on classroom or area door.
    • An email of this posting will be sent to each school principal, head secretary, head custodian, school nurse, district nurse, and any parent that has signed up to be on our notification list.

Records are maintained in the Facilities & Operation Office at 1174 Entley Street and available upon request. Also, we keep our website http://resources.wwps.org/facilitysupport/ updated with information regarding amounts of each chemical used at each site per fiscal year.

Legal References:  
17.21 Washington pesticide application act


First Reading: March 6, 2012

Adopted by the Board: March 20, 2012

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