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5231 - Length of Work Day



The starting and dismissal times may vary from school to school as determined by the district. The teacher’s workday shall include a designated time before and/or after classes to meet with pupils and patrons; a 30 minute duty free lunch; and time to plan lessons and collaborate with other teachers to improve student learning.

Fulfilling professional responsibilities will often require that teachers spend time outside of building hours. Such professional responsibilities include:

    1. Preparing for instruction of classes;
    2. Consulting with students when necessary;
    3. Consulting with parents when it is not possible for the parent to meet with the teacher during building hours;
    4. Participating on curriculum development committees leading towards the improvement of the educational program;
    5. Attending staff meetings including in-service training provided by the district in the area of teaching skills needing improvement;
    6. Supervising and directing co-curricular activities not specifically included in the district's co-curricular program; and,
    7. Participating in such other activities that pertain to the district's educational program.

The work-day for full time and part time certificated staff shall be commensurate with the length of day negotiated in the current contract between Walla Walla Public Schools and Walla Walla Valley Education Association.

A classified hourly staff member shall be paid at the rate of one and one -half times the salary schedule rate when he/she works for more than 40 hours during the regular work week. The regular work day shall include one 15 minute break for each four hours of work. A lunch period of not to exceed one hour shall be scheduled but shall not be counted for pay purposes. The district shall be responsible for establishing the work day schedule for each classified staff member.

In the event a supervisor requests that a staff member work beyond the specified working hours and thus exceeds the 40 hours during the established work week, the district may grant, by mutual agreement, trading time, in lieu of overtime pay. The time that is to be traded must be determined when the agreement is made.

Twelve (12) month staff shall report for work when schools are closed for bad weather when required by the superintendent/designee.

The superintendent shall develop procedures for overtime or trading time.

Legal References:  
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49.46.120 Chapter establishes minimum standards and is supplementary to other laws--more favorable standards unaffected
28A.405.140 In-service training for teacher may be required after evaluation
180-44 Teachers' responsibilities
296-128-550 Regular rate of pay
296-128-560 Compensating time off in lieu of overtime pay

Adopted by the Board: July 16, 2002

Revised: October 7, 2003

Revised February 5, 2008

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