websergiorecruitment2019In Walla Walla Public Schools, equity is defined as fair, just and inclusive educational access and experience for all students. This definition commits us to identifying and addressing barriers and unhealthy cultures so that student belonging, participation and achievement is maximized. 

Focusing our equity lens on access allows us to ensure our students’ educational experiences are fully realized, with careful and deliberate consideration to individual dignity, needs and circumstances. We are dedicated to:

a) consistency and fairness in our instructional approach

b) maintaining connections with students

c) providing opportunities at a micro and macro level by engaging families and ensuring access to district and community resources

Equity Commitments

To achieve our equity goals, Walla Walla Public Schools is committed to:

  • Standing up to injustice with school environments that are inclusive, respectful and tolerant (see We All Belong Here efforts)
  • Quickly addressing behaviors or actions by students, staff or guests that may be in conflict with these beliefs (see Safe Tips Hotline)
  • Ensuring a faculty and School Board that is both trained and implements anti-racist, culturally competent instructional environments and experiences (see Board Goal #4)
  • Teaching respect and acceptance through socially just learning curricula for students
  • Intentionally broadening our equity outreach by creating a culture where all stakeholders have a seat, a voice and a responsibility for change (see Equity and Access Committee
  • Prioritizing the diversity of our workforce through recruitment, retention and “growing our own” strategies
  • Intentionally addressing equity when making program, curriculum and resourcing decisions
  • Guaranteeing dignified and equitable family engagement that ensures resources, communication and outreach is provided in languages, materials and manners that maximize the school-to-home relationship 
  • Removing all barriers that overtly or covertly inhibit student belonging, participation and prosperity in their academic, athletic/activity and beyond-high-school plans


Dr. Julie Perron
Director of Equity and Dual Programs
(509) 526-6789

Dr. Wade Smith
Superintendent of Schools
(509) 526-6715


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