Walla Walla High School Renovation


Tentative Project Schedule/Phasing Plan

  • New Science Building: Oct 19 - Aug 20
  • Site Utilities Improvements: March 20 - Sep 21
  • Old Science Building Renovation, Music Building Addition, Fitness Addition: Sep 20 - Aug 21
  • Commons Improvements, Media Center Improvements/Culinary Addition: Dec 20 - Fall 21
  • Academic Building Renovation: June 21-Aug 22
  • CTE Building/Greenhouse Improvements and Site/Parking Closeout: December 21-August 22

Performing Arts Expansion Live Construction Site Feed

Commons and Culinary Arts Live Feed Construction Camera


Design Updates

NewSciAcademic 6 - Photo

NewSciAcademic 2 - Photo

Schematic Design 3-D Modeling

  •  WaHi Abbott Road View of Academic Building and Office
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