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AM/PM Learning Experience

The AM/PM model maximizes face-to-face instruction for students while adhering to strict social distancing expectations in order to keep students and staff safe. Under this model, students are assigned either an AM or PM session, attending half their student day in-person on campus and half their day in a distance learning format from home.

Why the AM/PM Model?

  • The AM/PM model allows for daily contact and connection with our students, Monday thru Friday, for continuity and social/emotional supports (compared to other hybrid models that only meet one to two days per week for full days).
  • It better complies with current CDC recommendations by limiting the number of transitions per day at secondary schools while keeping students in cohorts at the elementary level. 
  • Split-shifting most students allows the possibility for a full-day experience for some students with identified needs.
  • It avoids lunchroom feeding conditions that have been shown to be problematic due to COVID safety and social distancing expectations.
  • It permits the district to align start and stop times, preschool thru grade 12, so families can be on the same bussing and school bell schedules. 
  • It allows for deep cleaning and sanitization between shifts of students.
  • It better aligns with educational best-practices around hybrid learning, where students receive daily in-person instruction in core subjects, while accessing electives and supplementary learning remotely.
  • Surveys administered to familes and staff over the summer revelaed preference over other models.
  • NOTE: Blue Stage School Hours (effective April 26, 2021)

What will school look like for preschool and elementary students in the AM/PM model?

Individual classroom enrollment will be reduced, where approximately half of the students will attend in the morning and the other half of the class in the afternoon. This will ensure class sizes of around 10-12 students at a time. While in school, students will remain together with their classroom peers receiving essential core instruction in subjects such as reading, language arts and math. Physical education, music and library/media instruction will also be provided on a rotating basis. When not in school, students will be assigned extension activities to apply their in-school instruction. Additionally, students will receive high quality digital learning in the areas of science, social studies and electives. All elementary students will be provided a Chromebook. 3rd-5th grade students will be asked to bring their Chromebook to and from school. TK-2nd grade student Chromebooks are to remain at home to ensure access and completion of homework and digital instruction. Internet connectivity will also be available on a case-by-case basis.

Sample Schedule for an AM elementary student:

WWPS Fall Reopening Plans Rev 7-20

What will school look like for middle and high school students in the AM/PM model?

Similar to the elementary level, secondary students will be assigned to half-day sessions; either in the AM or PM. This will reduce traditional student loads by approximately 50 percent to about 12-14 students in class at any time. Students will attend periods 1-3 on one day and then attend periods 4-6 the next day, alternating every day. Teachers will assign approximately one hour of extension and application work for each class following every face-to-face session so that student learning continues and grade-level progress is made. Chromebooks will also be provided to every student to complete necessary work online. Middle and high school students will be required to bring the device to and from school every day in a district-provided carrying case. Internet connectivity will also be available on a case-by-case basis.

Alternating MS/HS Schedule for 1st Semester (A and B Days) under Comprehensive Distance Learning 2.0: Click Here

Sample Schedule for an AM high school student:

HS Sched

What are the specific school start, stop and arrival times for fall under the AM/PM model? 

AM Session

PM Session

Student Arrival No Earlier Than

AM Session Begins

AM Session Ends

Student Arrival No Earlier Than

PM Session Begins

PM Session Ends

Elementary School

7:45 AM

8:00 AM

10:35 AM

11:50 AM

12:05 PM

2:40 PM


7:40 AM

7:55 AM

10:41 AM

11:35 AM

11:50 AM

2:36 PM


7:35 AM

7:50 AM

10:41 AM

11:30 AM

11:49 AM

2:40 PM

 Blue Stage School Hours (effective April 26, 2021)

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