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Walla Walla High School Site Plan

Scope of Projects
Renovate vs. Replace

WA-HI Renovation

1. Minor improvements to vocational building/covered student work area
2. Remove all 16 portable classrooms
3. Minor improvements to auditorium
4. Modest addition to support band/ choir/orchestra needs
5. Repurpose 1963 music building into small performance area for theater/ performing arts needs
6. Renovate 1963 existing classrooms
7. Replace non-code compliant fitness shed with permanent structure
8. Renovate lockers and classrooms in original 1963 building
9. Modest improvements to 1963 gym
10. Minimal improvements to main gym
11. Renovate 1963 commons and kitchen
12. Minor improvements to media center
13. Two additional classrooms to accommodate culinary arts/CTE
14. New science wing to match existing architecture
15. Improved ADA accessibility
16. Parking lot traffic flow improvements
17. Commons addition and student hub
18. Renovate greenhouse
19. Parking & service area improvements
20. Parking addition
21. Improved parking and access
22. Renovate existing classrooms
23. Partner with County on intersection and road improvements

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