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District addresses “Blue Whale” Suicide Game and “13 Reasons Why”

Walla Walla Public Schools is aware of international concerns related to the “Blue Whale” Suicide Game and the popular Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why. Although the district has not had many calls or reports on “Blue Whale” or “13 Reasons Why”, it understands the important role schools play in preventing youth suicide.

The district has launched many suicide prevention initiatives, held conversations, developed supports, and organized trainings to help prevent these tragedies. Examples of the prevention program include: The Sources of Strength Program, Cheri Lovre training, Mark Lee’s Youth Suicide Prevention Program, and involvement in the community-based WW Suicide Prevention Workgroup. In addition, a comprehensive website has been developed to serve as a resource to faculty, students, and parents.

Recently, the National Association of School Psychologists has responded to the Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why.” This popular series has resulted in a number of hallway, classroom and teacher-student conversations. The National Association of School Psychologists’ document provides information related to the series and some of the concerns associated with the fictional basis surrounding the main character. This document is posted on the district’s Suicide Prevention webpage: http://www.wwps.org/programs/suicide-prevention

“Blue Whale” is reportedly a dangerous online social media campaign encouraging people to hurt themselves over a 50 day period which can lead to suicide. This is concerning to Walla Walla Public Schools. Parents are encouraged to utilize the resources on the district’s Suicide Prevention webpage and report all concerns and incidents to school district officials.

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