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2151 - Interscholastic Activities



The district recognizes the value of a program of interscholastic activities as an integral part of the total school experience to all students of the district and to the community. The program of interscholastic activities shall include all activities relating to competitive sport contests, games or events, or exhibitions involving individual students or teams of students of this district when such events occur between separate schools within this district or with any schools outside this district.

The board expects that:

    1. All interscholastic activities and events shall be in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA).
    2. An athletic coach must be properly trained and qualified for an assignment as described in the coach's job description.
    3. Each head coach will develop and distribute to coaches a syllabus which outlines the skills, techniques and safety measures associated with a coaching assignment. The syllabus must be approved by the athletic director.
    4. In-service training opportunities will be afforded each coach so that he/she is trained to attend to the health care needs of participants. Prior to a sports season, the coach will prepare a plan for handling medical emergencies at practice sessions and games (home and away). The plan must be approved by the athletic director.
    5. Participants will be issued equipment that has been properly maintained and fitted.
    6. All facilities and equipment utilized in the interscholastic activity program, whether or not the property of the district, shall be inspected on a regular basis.
    7. The board recognizes that certain risks are associated with partici pation in interscholastic sports. While the district will strive to prevent injuries and accidents to students, each participant and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) will be required to sign a statement which indicates that the parent(s)/guardians(s) and the student acknowledge the risks of injuries resulting from such participation and give assurance that the student will follow the instructions of the coach.
    8. Each participant shall be required to meet WIAA standards for physical examination prior to becoming a member of an interscholastic team. A written report shall be completed when a student is injured while participating in a school-supervised activity. A participant shall be free of injury and shall have fully recovered from illness before participating in any activity.
    9. Each student participating in interscholastic athletic activities is required to have or obtain medical insurance for expenses incurred as a result of injuries sustained while participating in the extracurricular activity. Students shall provide evidence of coverage with a minimum limit of $25,000 in medical expenses or shall obtain such coverage through the insurance plan offered to all students participating in activities in the district. No student will be denied the ability to participate solely because the student's family, by reason of low income, is unable to pay the entire amount of the premium for such insurance. The superintendent or his or her designee may approve partial or full waiver of premiums to permit all students to obtain the required medical insurance.

Teams, student bodies, and the community are directly affected by the behavior, attitudes and actions of students involved in extra-curricular activities. Individually and collectively, athletes represent themselves and their schools. Therefore, they are expected to display exemplary behavior on and off the athletic venue. Any student athlete who displays behavior that interferes with or is detrimental to the orderly operation of the program or the welfare of their team or school will be subject to discipline, suspension, or expulsion from the activity by the principal or his/her designee. Rules of conduct will be provided in the Parent-Student Athletic Handbooks distributed by each school.

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Legal References:



Liability, life, health, health care, accident, disability, and salary insurance authorized--Premiums


Interschool athletic and other extra- curricular activities for students, regulation of--Delegation, conditions


Public Warnings -- School districts

69.41.340 Student athletics - Violations - Penalties


Adopted by the Board: July 16, 2002

Revised: October 7, 2003

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