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Meal Plan


We strive to keep our meal prices to a minimum and our free and reduced-price meal program is available to eligible families. We provide a prepay meal deposit account for each student. Students may then access these funds by an account number. Families may send cash or checks to the cafeteria daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. We also accept on-line payments for credit and debit cards, no fee for this service. All balances, positive or negative, carry over to the following year.

Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program

Parents whose family income falls within specified guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture may apply for free or reduced-price meals for their children. To apply on line, go to http://www.wwps.org/departments/nutrition-services, click on Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program after July 1, 2016. Applications are also mailed in early August to every Walla Walla School District family and a second application is sent home with your student on the first day of school. It is the families’ responsibility to send money or a sack lunch with your student(s) until you have received notice that your application has been approved.

Emergency Meal Plan

Charging is only permitted in emergency situations and balances must be paid as soon as possible. The charge limit is $10.00. When a student reaches and remains at the charging limit, an emergency snack will be provided at no charge to the student. Breakfast consists of graham crackers and milk and lunch consists of cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread and milk.

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