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High School Facilities Task Force

High School Facilities Task Force Overview

It became apparent, following the School Board’s successful “We’re Listening” campaign, that the community wanted a well-researched, thoughtful study of district high school facilities needs and the ways that our facilities support student learning.

Walla Walla Public Schools’ Board of Directors said they would organize this study following a successful Edison Elementary bond election and they kept their promise by forming a High School Facilities Task Force in the spring of 2007.

Chaired by School Board member Cindy Meyer and community member John Rowley, of Nelson Irrigation, the group includes people from a variety of backgrounds who expressed an interest in the project and are willing to devote a great deal of their time and expertise to see it to completion. 

The work of the High School Facilities Task Force has been broken down into three phases (see the Scope of Work document below).  This group is committed to meeting for as long as it takes to build consensus for recommendations to the School Board. Community members and district staff will have opportunities to weigh in on Task Force recommendations.

Thanks for your support of this process.

High School Task Force Members

Cindy Meyer: Co-Chair
John Rowley: Co-Chair
Darcy Weisner
Scott Krivoshein
Lawson Knight
Jim McCarthy
Mike Pettyjohn
Jim Hayner
Cindy Widmer
Clint Gabbard
Mindy Meyer
Jim Sporleder
Max Carrera
Everett Knudson
Nanqi You

John Butenhoff
Dave Warkentin
Ruth Russo
Ruth Ladderud
Carina Stillman
LaDessa Smelcer
James Payne
Dick Cook
Jim Sanders
Jody Schneidmiller
Rob Ahrens

Scope of Work/Timeline

Scope of Work (.pdf)

Task Force Meeting Minutes and Reports

Comments and Input

Cindy Meyer

John Rowley

Task Force Reports

Phase One: What is?

Phase Two: What should be?

Final Report

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